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⚗ Alchemy, Keep The Fire Burning | a Transmuting Handshake blockchain top level domain dedicated to The Light Work. The “I” of All-Conquering Spirit, the Omniscient, Omnipotent and Omnipresent Spark Within us is a drop of burning desire, rippling into a wave as The Great Awakening of the individual soul. Choose To BE AWAKE! NOW, presence a blaze, the All-Consuming Flame is seen as self-expression flowing from The Holy Spirit.

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“I” As The Center Of Gravity Is The Seat Of Unity, At The Center One Can See The Infinite.

Inner I Company, is alchemizing the roots of the World Wide Web by Spiritualizing the intellect and the internet from the The Root Zone and the Root Of Perception. The material minded “I” sees the world through factual knowledge, but the “I” of Spritualized intellect is the Foundation of Truth.

Namaskar Guru;

DrokMenace | Alchemist.DrokMenace | Guru.DrokMenace

5 Minutes With D’rok The menace

Illuminati Congo

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